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We draw upon almost 200 years of agribusiness experience, including substantial risk and financial management expertise, to continuously bring better products and services to our customers.

We operate within four business segments throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Ag Commodities

Bunge originates raw agricultural commodities for domestic use and international export. As experts in logistics and risk management, we help farmers and producers receive maximum value for the crops they produce.

  • We are a leading exporter and domestic supplier of grains with the largest storage capacity along the Mississippi River system.
  • We operate more than 80 grain elevators connected by a fleet of barges, ensuring transportation flexibility and on-time delivery.
  • We export quality products from four corridors strategically located in: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; Brunswick, Georgia; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Longview, Washington—€”our newest export grain terminal.
  • We operate an integrated network of oilseed crushing plants in North America, supporting a loyal customer base and harnessing the value of Bunge'€™s global risk management capabilities.
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Food and Ingredients

With a focus on innovation and consumer food trends, Bunge transforms commodity oils and grains into quality ingredients for restaurants, bakeries, foodservice, food processor and retail markets.

  • We are the Oil Experts, producing a wide variety of edible oils, including healthier frying oils, liquid butter alternatives, buttery spreads and margarines, cooking and pan sprays, olive and expeller pressed virgin oils, and more.
  • As the leading corn dry miller in the world and the operator of the largest wheat mill in the Spanish-speaking Americas, Harinera La Espiga, we supply milled corn, wheat and rice products to top food manufacturers.
  • We develop innovative products at the Bunge Ingredient and Innovation Center (BiiC) located in Bradley, Ill., and provide customized shortening formulations and technical assistance to our customers.
  • We regularly go on the road to demonstrate our latest ingredients using our mobile food truck, Bunge M.O.E. which stands for Mobile Oil Experts.
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Animal Feed Ingredients

Bunge transports and processes raw agricultural commodities to make high-quality feed ingredients for chickens, pigs, cattle and fish, as well as premium pet foods for domestic use.

  • We seek optimal protein-to-carbohydrate ratios in our animal feeds that our customers look for when selecting feed.
  • We offer nutrient-rich canola meal, soybean meal, DDGS, corn meal and hominy feed.
  • We work with our customers to transport feed for dairy, poultry,
    pork, some domestic pets, and aquaculture farmers.

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Bioenergy and Industrial Products

Bunge uses its understanding of global markets and trade flows to provide biofuels producers a competitive edge. We optimize our oilseed processing for the biodiesel industry and efficiently use our agricultural byproducts for industrial applications.

  • We feature corn-based ethanol, as well as biodiesel products made from soybeans, canola and other vegetable oils.
  • Our agricultural byproducts are used to make lubricants, adhesives, inks, plastics, and more, for industrial applications.
  • We offer risk management services and global market and trade flow expertise to our customers.

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